Monday, September 14, 2009

Amherst Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run

Sad news this morning about Blake Goodman of Wakefield, Mass., a young man who was killed over the weekend while riding his bicycle in Amherst Massachusetts. He was riding with a friend, 24 year old John Deary of 310 Montague Road in Amherst, and it appears the hit and run accident happened on Montague Road not too far from Deary's house. Mr. Deary was also struck but it appears that he did not sustain life threatening injuries.

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  1. Does anyone know if the cyclists were wearing helmets or more importantly, did they have working lights on their bikes? It is a tragedy but all too often these days I see bicyclists doing some of the craziest things, like riding on the wrong side of the road, riding without adequate lighting, rolling through stop lights and stop signs, crossing intersections from sidewalks without yielding. The list goes on and on and motorists are also negligent of many laws of the road, not to mention sometimes being confrontational with their vehicles.