Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Canton Cup Cyclocross

I finally got around to doing my first cross race ever last Saturday.  I lined up with about 130 others for the Cat 4 race at Canton.  I had no expectations for this race and therefore no disappointments either.  I was second row on the starting line and was basically getting passed the whole 3 laps I was racing.  People were going down left and right through the big open field (a winding path had been cut through the tall grass) due to excess hay that had been left over from cutting the path.  There were transitions from dirt to asphalt and then the track as well.  One asphalt path had a nasty bump in it that I couldn't see and my hands slipped off the bars.  My right foot came unclipped from the unexpectedness of it.

The race was fun, and a nice diversion but the pace is slow even though you are at threshold the whole time.  I will probably race cross again but definitely like the speed of being on the road much more.

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